• Welcome to Berwick St Mary's CE First School

    Building the confidence for life-long learning.
    • Christian Values

      Our school community is based on the core Christian values of Friendship, Trust, Respect, Wisdom and Love.

    • OfSTED

      ‘A highly inclusive environment where children thrive’
      April 2017

    • Curriculum

      Our curriculum is designed to excite and engage all children whatever their needs.

    • Community

      We believe community involvement is key to us achieving our goals.

    • Number of Pupils
    • Number of Classes

      From Nursery to Year 4

    • Class Size

      Average class size 2017-18

    • Nursery

      Nursery class size

    • Staff

      Number of teaching staff

  • ‘To realise the potential within every child, by providing the encouragement and challenge to inspire a love of life-long learning, within a caring community with Christian values and beliefs at its heart.’

  • Special needs provision and inclusive practice.

  • Our goal is simply to create a learning environment that engages every child so they can fulfil their true potential.

    St Mary’s has been successfully educating and supporting the families of  Berwick for over 40 years. The school aims to use this position of influence to ensure that our whole school community is supported in achieving the aspirations we all have for the children we work with. We set out to achieve this goal through:


    • Inclusive practice to meet the needs of all children.
    • Creative curriculum to engage all learners.
    • Friendly and dedicated staff.
    • Daily practice of our core Christian values.
    • A school community based on supportive and challenging relationships.


    • A Friendly Place

      A school built simply on the importance of relationships.

    • Learning Is Fun

      Stimulating learning through engagement and challenge.

    • Healthy Lifestyles

      Providing the skills and nutrition to equip exploration and learning.

    • Safe & Secure

      A safe learning environment to encourage exploration and challenge by all.

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    • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well. As a result, pupils become confident, well-rounded citizens who are well prepared for the next step in their education.

      OfSTED 2015
    • My child has progressed very well this year and I enjoy the parent drop-in sessions as they allow me to see how I can support her at home.

      Parent feedback Spring 2015
    • Equality of opportunity is promoted well in this very inclusive school where all are made to feel welcome. Good relations are encouraged and the school is free from discrimination.

      OfSTED 2015
    • Adults in school are excellent role models. They know every child exceptionally well, whether they are in their class or not. Parents explained that ‘there is a great sense of whole-school unity but at the same time every child is known as an individual, too.

      Simms Inspection 2015
    • The teachers are excellent at challenging my son and I appreciate the way in which the school has an open door approach with parents so I can quickly sort any issues or ask for help.

      Parent 2015
    • Pupils show great maturity for their age and take on responsibilities willingly….. Pupils enjoy coming to school and show a willingness to concentrate, work hard and persevere when work is challenging.

      OfSTED 2015
    • A strong emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of every child. This is particularly the case for those with additional needs, many of whom do very well. The staff are now working hard to ensure that the same level of care and challenge is available to every child.

      Simas Inspection 2015
    • ‘Everyone is learning to live together; everyone gets an all- round education for life.’

      SIAMS Inspection 2015
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  • Attendance

    The importance of attendance

    Every day lost is an opportunity lost for your child to fulfil their potential. Evidence shows pupils who have high levels of absence do not achieve compared to their peers with good attendance, it is as simple as that.

    Punctuality counts

    A late start to the day often means your child will be playing catch-up for the rest of the day. This adds unnecessary pressure onto your child and will impact on their learning and achievement.

    Ask if you need help

    if you require help with attendance and punctuality simply ask for our help, we will always make time for those who need our assistance.

    Breakfast Club

    Breakfast Club is a great way to start the day with activities to allow learning to start bright and early. If you would like to sign up or find out more ask for a registration form at the school office.

    Attendance prizes

    As well as our weekly class prize for best attendance, St Mary’s also runs an half termly scheme for 100% attendance where the winners are entered into our annual prize giving in July. To make sure you can win big, make sure you attend!

  • Last half term's attendance

    • Nursery92%
    • Class 1 - Reception93%
    • Class 294%
    • Class 396%
    • Class 494%
  • How the kids describe St Mary's!

    • I like the way we are able to work with our friends to learn about new things like the Vikings. I really enjoy when the teacher sets us new challenges when we do investigations.

      Year 2 Pupil
    • Pupils say that they enjoy coming to school. When asked what he would improve about the school, one Year 4 pupil said he would like ‘longer terms and shorter holidays, please.’

      Year 4 Pupil - Ofsted 2015
    • I enjoy all the trips we go on, I really enjoyed seeing the animals at Edinburgh Zoo, the Panda was my favourite.

      Reception Pupil
    • Adults in school are excellent role models. They know every child exceptionally well, whether they are in their class or not. Parents explained that ‘there is a great sense of whole-school unity but at the same time every child is known as an individual, too.

      SIAMS Inspection 2015
    • Our lessons are really exciting, this term we made islands on the field and then wrote adventure stories about the characters on our island. I was the queen of the island.

      Year 1 Pupil
    • School dinners are great and the lunchtime crew help us if we need it. The lunch time crew also help us in the yard to play nicely together and if anyone is lonely then they play with them.

      Year 2 Pupil
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    • Postal Address

      Berwick St Mary’s CE First School
      Berwick upon Tweed
      TD15 1SP

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    • Contacts

      Gary Hilton Headteacher
      Tracy McLeod Office Manager

    • Sessions

      Breakfast Club 8:10 – 8:50 am
      School 8:50 am – 3:15 pm
      Nursery 8:50 am – 3:15 pm

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