Mission & Aims

  • Our Mission:


    • To realise the potential within every child, by providing the encouragement and challenge to inspire a love of life-long learning, within a caring community with Christian values and beliefs at its heart.


    Our Aims:


    • To provide an inspiring curriculum which stimulates and challenges all pupils and wherein pupils are the drivers of learning
    • To provide a stimulating, caring and supportive environment in which every child is encouraged to do their very best to become well rounded, sociable and confident individuals.
    • To encourage children to adopt an enthusiastic and positive attitude to life-long learning through high quality teaching and developing learning confidence in pupils
    • To encourage children to develop an enthusiastic and positive attitude to learning through the celebration of success and achievement
    • To foster independent thinkers who care about the life of our planet and are aware of their responsibility for its long term sustainability
    • To offer a range of opportunities for pupils to develop healthy bodies and minds; taking responsibility for their own wellbeing as well as that of others
    • To provide a clear moral framework which demonstrates respect, tolerance and understanding whilst celebrating diversity, so becoming caring and active members of our community
    • To build positive and equitable partnerships with parents, carers and the local and wider community
    • Provide positive patterns of behaviour, based upon the values of friendship, honesty, fairness, caring and sharing
    • To provide a caring, Christian ethos without exerting pressure to believe, within which each child can explore and respond to his/her own spirituality.