Meet the staff

  • Staff Structure 2017-18


    • Early Years Unit – Miss Bell, Mrs Sutherland & Mrs Bell
    • Year 1- Miss Allan & Miss Purves
    • Year 2-  Miss Pearson & Mrs Logan
    • Year 3 – Miss Thompson  & Mr Moor
    • Year 4 – Miss Murray & Mrs Stephenson 


    • Head teacher – Mr Hilton
    • Assistant head teacher – Miss Murray
    • Early Years Lead – Miss Bell
    • Office Manager – Mrs McLeod
    • Admin Apprentice – Miss Fairbairn
    • Caretaker – Mr Randall
    • Cleaner – Miss Scott
    • Cook – Ms Todd
    • Lunch time Supervisors – Mrs Adamson, Mrs Cordery, Miss Scott, Miss Mason and Mrs Shed



    • Miss Prior
      Teaching Assistant Apprentice

      St Mary’s is definitely an exciting place to work, not least because of all the fun we have learning with all the boys and girls.

    • Mr Moor
      Teaching Assistant Apprentice

      I have just joined St Mary’s and look forward to developing the Forest School and providing lots of exciting new sports for the children to try.

    • Mrs Thompson
      Student Teacher

      This will be my first full year at St Mary’s and I am really looking forward to making sure all the children enjoy their learning experiences.

    • Gary Hilton
      Head Teacher

      As head teacher of St Mary’s I have the privilege of supporting all the pupils achieve their potential, by providing an inclusive learning environment designed to challenge and nurture all areas of learning.



    • Miss Murray
      Assistant Head Teacher

      Looking forward to a fantastic 2016-2017, with a great class of hard working children.


    • Miss Bell
      Teacher - Reception


      After a great time in Reception last year, I am looking forward to an even more successful year with my new class.

    • Miss Allan
      Teacher - Class 2 Year 1

      Looking forward to my first year at St Mary’s and helping the children achieve their potential in Year 1.

    • Mrs Purves
      Teaching Assistant

      Working with the children in Nursery means I am never bored!

    • Mrs Sutherland
      Teaching Assistant

      I am always excited to work with all the children, especially in Nursery and Reception as they are so enthusiastic.

    • Mrs Stephenson
      Teaching Assistant

      Working with the older children means I am always ready for the next question and challenge, but my favourite time is when we go on the trips.

    • Mrs Logan
      Teaching Assistant

      I enjoy the fact everyday is different with the children in my classes.

    • Mr Randall
      Site Manager

      With new gardens and busy classrooms I am always on the go, but the children always help and are part of the team.

    • Mrs Rae
      School Catering Manager

      This is my second full year at St Mary’s, so I can’t wait to work with the children to create an exciting and healthy menu everyone enjoys.

    • Mrs Adamson
      Lunchtime Supervisor

      Working with the lunchtime crew each day makes my job very enjoyable.

    • Mrs McLeod
      Office Manager

      The door to St Mary’s is always open to visitors, so I look forward to meeting you all soon.

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