Building the confidence for life-long learning.
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    • Nursery

      Our Nursery provision allows children to explore and develop in a challenging and safe environment.

    • Class 1 - Reception

      Using the principles of Early Years, Reception staff prepare the children fully for the challenge of the National Curriculum

    • Class 2 - Year 1

      Understanding the transition from Early Years into the more formal demands of the National Curriculum is the challenge for our Yr 1 team.

    • Class 3 - Years 2-3

      Providing the support and challenge to ensure all children make the progress required to fulfil their potential of Key Stage 1

    • Class 4 - Years 3-4

      Ensuring the children are fully prepared to achieve their goals and are ready for the next stage of their education.

    • Community

      The success of all our children is based on the support of the family and friends that support them in their learning journey.